If you've recently seen the video of the comedian pioneering against Abercrombie and Fitch's discriminative ways by passing out their clothes to the homeless, you may not want to root him on just yet.

In an effort to "blemish" the brand's name, the comedian in the video is shown giving Abercrombie and Fitch clothing to homeless people. This comes as a response to recent, thoughtless comments from the company.  The CEO was quoted saying that they only want "cool kids" wearing their clothes, which is why they don't make extra large sizes.. WHAT?

So, yes, that was an incredibly ridiculous thing to say, but this video is not really an example of "sticking it to the man". It's got the same level of insensitivity as that comment did. Why is it okay to exploit homeless people in a shameless display, insinuating that they are the worst possible brand of human to wear these clothes?

If people really want to "change the brand" as the comedian says in the video- Don't buy their clothes, and don't talk about their brand. They will then be FORCED to either go out of business or change their ways.

As for the people in this video; used as props to make a mockery of one corporate idiot..they actually could use your help, and there are many ways for you to improve their lives- without promoting this tasteless video. It's about as effective as bumfighting or bumvertising was. Yeah, that bad.