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For some of us, dating is a delicate balance between learning everything about this new person in your life, yet not revealing too much about yourself in one evening! 

Men and women are drastically different ... or are we?  Livestrong.com shares five things to look for when looking for the perfect spouse for you!

Step 1

Attend events in your community. The Roman poet Ovid was more interested in seduction than marriage, but he advised men looking for a mate to go to the theater. Take his advice, and go to art openings, rodeos, concerts and other events that interest you and where you might meet a potential spouse interested in the same things.

Step 2

Fill up your calendar. In addition to attending community events, join groups that interest you, such as political, artistic, athletic or charitable groups. You'll meet people who share your interests, and you'll see them on an ongoing basis. If you have a religious affiliation, attend church and sign up for a singles group. Discussing important issues will help you to get to know potential mates and their values.

Step 3

Appear approachable and friendly. Wear a warm, open smile. People make personality judgments based on a mere 30 milliseconds of exposure to a person, according to a Harvard Medical School study published in the journal "Emotion." Look your best at all times. Both genders are more likely to be receptive to advances from someone who is well-groomed and fashionable.

Step 4

Become easy to contact. Some people don't feel comfortable picking up a phone and cold-calling for a date. Set up social networking accounts, and hand out your email address. You may find that a conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Linked-In leads to an offline conversation. Send text messages and encourage people to message you back. People will feel relaxed about contacting you, and you'll have more opportunities to get to know a potential spouse.

Step 5

Disregard individuals whom you cannot accept for who they are. Efforts to change a future spouse will be unsuccessful. Likewise, avoid people who want to change you as a condition for continuing a relationship.

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