Here are five things guys should stop saying around women right now:  Any variation of "bro" . . . "Calm down" . . . "You look tired" . . . annoying slang like "amazeballs", "awesomesauce", and "YOLO" . . . and obscure movie quotes.

1.  "Calm down."  This one usually results in the OPPOSITE happening.



2.  "You look tired."  Only if it's followed by, "Can I get you a glass of wine and a back massage?"



3.  Any annoying internet-type slang, like "amazeballs" . . . "awesomesauce" . . . or "YOLO".



4.  "Bros before hos" . . . or any variation of "bro".  Including Broseph, broham, brah, etc.



5.  Movie quotes.  This doesn't go for all women, but it's probably a safe rule of thumb to save the obscure movie quotes for your guy friends.  Because generally, one of two things happens . . .

She'll get the reference and feel compelled to name the movie, which kind of interrupts the flow of conversation.  Or she WON'T get it, and has to ask where it's from.  So then YOU have to explain . . . again, derailing the conversation.  (She Knows)