Sometimes getting that one employee who steps out of the box can be awesome. This woman could easily do some stand-up!

I've never flown, probably because flying doesn't get rave reviews. I'm not sure how I would take this if I was flying for the very first time, it would probably lighten the mood enough to relax.

This sort of reminds me of the waitress that was serving my friends and I Friday night.

I told her I wanted a 'Soft Parade' (you know, the beer) and her response was 'you would.' What the heck was that? I sat there for a few minutes not exactly sure if she just joked her tip away, or if it was actually funny.

She ended up with a larger tip than what I normally would have given.

Moral of the story: Personality wins!

Back to the video, it's hard not to think of this from 'Tommy Boy.'