Anyone who's ever flown with kids knows that it can be a daunting endeavor. Heck, I've never flown with kids, and I can see how weary the parents who have flown with hyperactive kids are when the flight is done. There's usually only one of them, and at least one if not more of the kids, it makes it hard to keep them under control.

But now, a new service can help you handle your brood while you fly!

The service, called Nanny In The Clouds, lets parents and caregivers register on the site for free, and when moms and dads see a “nanny” who will be on the same flight they are, they pay the site $10 for an introduction.

Once the introduction has happened, it's up to the parties involved to figure out an hourly rate and how long the sitter will work — the gig can start in the origin airport terminal and end in the destination hotel lobby, or however they would like to do it.

One thing that Nanny in the Clouds doesn’t do is background checks, but  they do recommend caregivers keep references on file, and parents are welcome to do any extra investigative work on their own.

Site founder Julie Melnick says it’s win-win,  “The mom gets childcare, and the nanny makes some extra money on a flight [during which] she otherwise would have been doing nothing.”

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