Eat fast food and lose weight!  Wait a minute... that can't be right.  And it actually isn't, it should read "eat certain small portions of fast food and lose weight!"  So don't just go eating any fast food and expect to lose weight.I was reading Wendy's most recent post on workout gadgets and came across an article that peaked my interest.  It is titled:

The article highlights everyday lunch options like Sbarro, McDonald's, and Taco Bell.  Believe it or not you can find some filling meals for under 500 Calories at each of those restaurants.

Sbarro: A slice of mushroom pizza and a salad is 495 calories

McDonald's: 2 hamburgers, 500 calories

Taco Bell: 2 soft chicken tacos are only 380 calories

The article gives a menu for 15 different restaurants, and is a must read if you are sticking to a weight loss NYE resolution.

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