Tired of regular old, run-of-the mill socks? Never fear, Foot Panties are here! Now, if you're like me, you're probably thinking "wtf are foot panties?". Well, let me tell you. They are neither socks, nor panties, nor functional as far as I can tell. They're mostly just weird.

Feet aren't sexy, and no amount of foot dressing are going to make them so, but KIRNA ZABETE boutique in New York City is trying to make them so with their new product.

I don't really understand the draw. They look a little bit uncomfortable, but you can purchase a pair for a mere $15 if you'd like to try them out. Get an idea of what you'll be in for with Foot Panties in the video below.

I am fully convinced that these were created specifically for people with foot fetishes. Gross.