Let me preface this by saying I'm not a patient person.  I've been accused of having road rage once or twice. And I probably drive faster than most people, most of the time. But that doesn't make it any more acceptable for you to drive slow in the left lane.

After driving from GR through Michigan, Illinois and Iowa on a trip to move my parents from Toledo, Iowa, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, I wonder ... do people know etiquette of the left lane?

Based on my experience, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin are the only states where the whole "slower traffic keep right" thing was never part of driver education.  On any trip we've taken in the last 6 years, if the left lane was moving slow or backed up, without fail, it was a driver from one of those three states holding up the lane.

You might say "you're driving too fast."  Fine.  I drive fast.  Now get out of my way.

You might say "I'm going the speed limit."  Fine.  I'm not and have no desire to.  Now get out of my way.

You might say "you're being unsafe by going so fast."  I submit that you're the one causing a safety hazard by going slower than most of the other traffic, who have to brake, change lanes and get around you.

It's simple.  Almost every state has a law mandating that you stay out of the right lane if you're moving at a speed close to everyone else.

It's common driving etiquette to get the hell out of the left lane.  If you're the person complaining about how drivers always ride your bumper - and you're driving in the left lane, please look in the mirror to see the problem.

The best windshield sticker I've ever seen said "MOVE OVER" backward, so you could clearly see it in your mirror.  Please do so!

Soapbox.  Off.