We've been seeing a lot of Jennifer Granholm lately.  She has been making many appearances to promote the book she just released.  With the new job she just landed, we'll be seeing even more of her soon.

Granholm will be hosting a political talk show on Current TV.  The show will air nightly at 9:00pm beginning in January.

Current.com describes the show:

From the caucuses to the campaign trails to Capitol Hill, "The War Room with
Jennifer Granholm" will shed light on the Election 2012 news of the day and will
feature in-studio commentary by political insiders, campaign veterans, opinion
leaders and newsmakers whose unique perspective will inform and inspire.
Granholm, an outspoken and passionate political leader, was the first woman
elected governor in Michigan. During two terms as governor, she pioneered the
state through an economic storm, strengthening its auto industry, preserving the
manufacturing sector, and adding new, emerging sectors, such as clean

That last sentence is very debatable.  Here's more...

Each night, Granholm will present a dynamic, fun and informative show that
actively engage viewers with a blend of smart analysis and relevant commentary
from guests on the cutting edge of politics, business and entertainment.

“'The War Room' will be a nightly show for political junkies like me and
anyone who cares about the future of our country, focusing on the 2012 election
from all angles," Granholm says. "Democrats will love it. The far right will
hate it. Those in the middle will appreciate it. I can't wait to get started."

My guess is that people who like political talk shows that promote news and fair debate, not agendas, will hate it too.