We all wish there was a real fountain of youth. Somewhere to go that will grant us the wish of staying at one certain age forever. So that brings up a good question.

If you could pick just one age to live at forever, what age would you choose? According to a poll, in some magazine I was looking at in the checkout that I wish not to disclose, the average age was a shocking 41. But could very well be deceiving.

When it was broken down between gender, women chose the age of 43, while men chose 39. But most people in this poll chose an age that was fairly close to the age they are currently. Below is a list of the way the poll shaped out.

People 18 to 24 years chose 27
People 25 to 29 years chose 31
People 30 to 39 years chose 37
People 40 to 49 years chose 40
People 50 to 64 years chose 44
People over 65 years chose 59

What would your ideal age be if could choose one?