Four first ladies honored the life and public service of  Betty Ford at her funeral in Palm Desert, California on Tuesday.

Roslynn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama shared a pew with former President George W. Bush -- in for former first lady Laura Bush.

During an appointment I had yesterday, my doctor started asking questions about my experience with former first lady Betty Ford.

My doctor was in medical school when Gerald Ford took the oath of office and headed to the White House with his wife, Betty.  She started sharing intricate details of the controversy surrounding Watergate with President Nixon and Ford's move to pardon him ... a move to help heal the nation of this disgraceful scandal.  A move that may have cost him the presidency because Jimmy Carter was elected after his term was up.

Although I have no relationship with Betty Ford other than my claim of living in Grand Rapids for several years ... I can imagine the stress of politics, her battle with substance abuse and surviving breast cancer.  She was quite a woman!

She had a heart for those who also struggled with substance abuse.  According to reports, she spent tireless hours counseling those who were down and out, hurting and in need of compassion.  She restored value and purpose to many.

Former first lady Roslynn Carter spoke at Ford's funeral yesterday.  It is a very touching eulogy that you may want to privately watch sometime today.

Betty Ford will be buried next to her late husband, Gerald Ford, at his presidential museum on what would have been his 98th birthday on Thursday.