So if you ever need to catch up on your world news, check out The Times of India. First Kamasutra, and now these awesome workouts. These guys are clearly on to something. Watch out Jillian Michaels, make way for the future of fitness!

The first exercise is called the "buff huff-n-puff." Yeah, that's right. Naked yoga!  Not only does this workout promote total body awareness, but it is also financially friendly. Ladies, especially, won't have to spend outrageous amounts of money on yoga pants or sports bras! Also, forget the yoga mats because all this requires is a towel.

The second is "doggie-style discipline."  No, it's not sex (although, that's a great workout too!). Apparently there's this thing called Doga, or doggie yoga, that you are supposed to incorporate into your workout for maximum results. For instance, in one position, your dog is suspended under your knees and forced to change positions as you perform a set of crunches. Maybe this doesn't sound as good as sex, but at least you get quality bonding time with your best friend!

"Cardioke" is the third exercise, incorporating intense cardio and karaoke. Invision this: rows of treadmills and stationary bikes filled with people belting out lyrics to Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back or ABBA's Dancing Queen. Scientifically speaking, the singing acts as a heart rate guage and breathing monitor. This guy, Billy Blanks, incorporates cardioke in some of his workouts. Check out the video below. The ladies in the clip and Billy look like they are having fun and burning calories. Something like this could definitely take off at Curves or Snap Fitness.

Lastly, is the "be unkind and rewind." With this, you can run, hop, skip, jump or even moonwalk in reverse. This type of movement improves joint stability, burns more calories and increases balance. For instance, watch Nicole Chapman in this video as she demonstrates the proper way to run awkwardly on a treadmill. If not on a treadmill, just be careful of slamming into curbs, cars or innocent bystanders.

So, you think this is a little ridiculous, huh? But just wait. One day our nation will see a trend in naked, dog friendly singing aerobics.