We were trying to get creative at work, which naturally led us to make Froot Loops Jello shots in the breakroom. We made our shots with Loopy Froot-Loop flavored Jello, Piña Colada Jello and delicious Froot Loops. Not only are they completely adorbs, they tasted delicious. Even though I'm pretty sure they're NOT part of a complete breakfast, they sure would make a great addition to a summer party. Check out the recipe we invented below:


Bottle of Three Olives Loopy vodka

Box of Froot Loops

2 boxes of piña colada Jello

Small, clear plastic bowls





Prepare the Jello


Since we made the Jello in the Channel 95.7 breakroom, we were limited in supplies. We used the hot water from the coffee pot and it seemed to work just fine. Just make the Jello according to the instructions on the package, substituting the cold water for the Loopy vodka.




Spoon the Jello Mix into Mini-Bowls


We picked up some mini-clear bowls at a party store that turned out to be the perfect size. We spooned the Jello mix into them, leaving room for Froot Loops after they solidify.

After spooning the Jello mix into the bowls, stick 'em in the fridge to harden. The Jello box says you need about four hours, but ours were ready in about two even though our bowls seemed slightly larger than the average Jello shot. (Just the way we like 'em!)


Just Add Froot Loops!

Once your Jello is hardened, decorate it with Fruit Loops to really wow your guests! We also picked up adorable mini spoons at the party store to give a really authentic look. And since we were in the mini aisle of the party store, we grabbed some mini glasses for orange juice (which we added vodka to, of course. Mini screwdrivers!)






Our jobs are so hard. Froot Loops Jello shots and mini screwdrivers in the breakroom? Life is rough. We dug in with our mini spoons and they were delicious. They taste even BETTER than they look! Cheers!