Gas prices continue to drop across the country.   This time we’re actually seeing those price drops to around West Michigan. As of Monday, the average gallon of gas around the country was $2.12 per gallon.

Across the Grand Rapids metro, according to, prices have ranged from $2.39 per gallon as the highest, to $1.94 per gallon as the lowest.

In Grand Rapids, the lowest price was $1.94 at Blue Market Express on the corner of Plainfield Ave NE and Julia St NE.  A couple of gas stations on Leonard St NW between Bristol Ave and Oakleigh were at $2.09 per gallon, which are the cheapest prices in Grand Rapids

Quite a few stations along 28th, 36th and 44th were under two dollars a gallon in Wyoming, Grandville and Kentwood.

"With gasoline supplies high and oil prices low, pump prices are likely to remain relatively cheap through the remainder of the summer and into the fall," according to AAA. "This comes even as U.S. drivers are on track to shatter the all-time record for total miles driven in a year.

If you want to find the lowest gas prices when looking to fill up, check out the map at HERE