Ever wonder what it's like backstage at a Katy Perry show? I know that I've always envisioned it as a land filled with glitter and cupcakes. And I was kind of right.

Luckily, Katy Perry decided to give us a glimpse of what it's like behind the scenes on the East Coast leg of her US Tour. If you remember anything about Candy Land, you'll recognize a lot of what is going on backstage in Katy's world. She even has a fluffy, confectionary and sugary sweet scenario in her dressing rooms and with her costumes (we've all seen the cupcake outfit, right?).

The video follows Katy through New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland and North Carolina through every part of her pre-show preparation. At one point, you see her in makeup, stating that she definitely looks older than she looks. Her makeup artist then quips in saying that it's because she drank the night before. She then gives the camera a look that I translate as meaning, "So what if I did, I had a great time!"

Another pretty cool part is where they show a K9 unit checking out one of the venues where she'll be performing.

Do you want to see Katy Perry live from the front row of this Sunday's performance at Van Andel Arena? Keep this code word in mind: Firework. Then be sure to be listening in on Friday at 12:30pm for your chance to win!