The newest feature added to Facebook won't be live until October 3rd.  So impress all of your friends by getting it now!  The new feature is known as Timeline and it is a history of your entire interaction with Facebook.  Find out when you added new friends, when you moved to a new city, when you started a new relationship, or when you graduated from college.  Every link you posted and every picture you commented on is now available to look back on.  One thought came immediately to mind;  "College - WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?"

OK, now on to how to enable Facebook timeline for yourself.  First you must be logged into Facebook (obviously), then get started by clicking this link.

NOTE: Facebook Timeline is currently on available to Facebook App developers, so you must "develop" and App (you are just tricking Facebook into thinking that you created an app).

  • It will ask if this app can access your personal information.  Click "ALLOW".  It's OK, it is an app designed by Facebook and they already have all your personal information.
  • Click on "+ Create New App"
    Now you need to name your new app!  Type whatever you like for both App Display Name and App Namespace, then click "I agree" and finally, continue.(Under App Namespace you need to make note that you can only use lower case letters and underscores "_". I would just type a bunch of random letters to be sure no one has used that name before)
    After fill out the CAPTCHA and verify you are a human, click on "Open Graph" in the top left corner of the page.
    The next page will display "Get Started with Open Graph".  Enter in any information that you want for what your app will do.  With my app, people can dance the night away with a flamingo!(You can enter in anything you want, this field basically describes what your app will do)
    On the next two pages, scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes and Next".

    OK, you are all set!  Close out your browser, wait a few minutes, then log back into Facebook!  You will be greeted with the option to "Get It Now".  Click that magic button and you will be taken to a page that looks similar to this:

    Enjoy your time with Facebook Timeline!