Have a problem with your kids telling fibs? This is how you get them to tell the truth!

Well, maybe!

According to an article from Lifehack if you say these two sentences to your kids, they will never lie.


I won't be upset with you if you did it. And if you tell the truth, I'll be really happy.

That's it!

Erick Barker, the author of the book 'NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children,' has a reason behind this.

He believes that young kids lie to their parents because they are trying to please them.

"So telling kids that the truth will make a parent happy challenges the kid's original thought that hearing good news, not the truth, is what will please the parent."

- Erick Barker

He also found another line that cuts down on lying:

'I'm about to ask you a question. But before I do that, will you promise to tell the truth?'

Doesn't hurt to try it out, right?