Producer Amanda here! I must say that I couldn't be more excited for 'Girls' premiering Sunday night!! Wheeeee!

So, this weekend 'Girls' is BACK! Yahoo! Even better is the fact that this premiere will be a double! We'll be seeing Hannah, Marnie and the rest of crew for a whole HOUR!

This particular clip shows Hannah throwing a dinner party. However, it may not go as expected if Adam keeps giving death stare! YIKES!

So many spoilers have been dropped about the show it would be hard to name them all. I'm just really excited to see the whole season! One thing that has been a mystery is how the show will deal with the departure of Christopher Abbott whom, Marnie has been in love with since the show's beginning.
They got back together at the end of the last season!!!! So, who knows how that's going to be explained.

Check out these awesome stills too!