Giving Tuesday is a relatively new "holiday", starting in 2012, but it is an awesome addition to the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday/Sunday, and Cyber Monday extravaganza!

The average American thinks that they are generous.  In fact, 93% of people consider themselves to be generous: about 54% of people say they are more generous than their friends and about 39% of people say they are the same or less generous than friends.

So if you are one of the 93% of generous people in the US, you should join the Giving Tuesday goodwill and help out with Connie and Fish Christmas Kids!  Connie and Fish are partnering with the Kent County Department of Health and Human Services program to ensure that some local needy children experience the magic of Christmas!

It's easy to donate to the cause, just check out the info here, or just logon to one of the online registries and shop for the kids from home!

Online Registries