If you drive a 2005-2007 model Chevrolet Cobalt or a 2007 model Pontiac G5, you are going to want to take a pit stop into your local GM dealer.

The reason for the recall is due to the ignition switch. From WZZM 13:

General Motors is recalling 619,122 of its last-generation compact cars in the U.S. because a heavy keyring or jarring can cause the ignition to switch off, according to documents posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety administration site.

Not only could this ignition issue result in the ignition being switched out of the 'run' position, but it could cause an air bag failure.

Dealers will replace the ignition switch, but they also advise you remove any heavy  items from your key ring until you have it repaired.

This recalls effects a total of 778,562 in North America, 619,122 in the U.S.