A few weeks ago I spotted a boom-box at a pawn shop on Division near 44th.  It was one of those that makes you go "oh wow, do you remember these?"  It had huge speakers, that bass boost feature, a 5-band Equalizer, double-cassette with auto-reverse AND high-speed dubbing!  No CD player.

Then this week, a story was released about which piece of technology was the fastest to gain acceptance with consumers.  The answer?  The BOOMBOX!

The story came from Tecca.com and was based on a survey by the Consumer Electronics Assocation.

The CES survey found that boomboxes were in over 60% of homes by their 7th year in existence.  CD players were in 55%, DVD players in 50% and VCRs in 40% of homes (the VCR number seems low, doesn't it?).

So, find some cassettes so you can record songs off the radio or use that high-speed dubbing to make a mix tape for your sweetheart ... and crank it up on your boombox!  If you still have one (unlikely).  If not, that's okay, just enjoy the memories!