As if your anxiety wasn't sky high already.

In a world where 'new research' comes out daily, here's some to help out my single friends. It takes 12, yes JUST TWELVE, minutes for people to decide whether they like someone they just met.

Here are some takeaways from this study conducted by AXA.

  • Singles are immediately judged on their smile. No one likes a sour puss, so put on your happy face.
  • The next biggest thing you're judged on is eye contact, catch and hold! Don't forget to blink ya creep.
  • Tone of voice also scored big.

The research quizzed 2,000 people about their first date experiences and they came up with some pretty obvious things that amount to a huge turnoff.

  • Body odor was the biggest turnoff.
  • Bad breath didn't rank as high as body odor, but still a huge turnoff. Never order the garlic salad.
  • Swearing is a turnoff.

Watch what you post on Facebook or Twitter, because research shows that you're being judged way before the other person even meets you. Similar to applying for a new job, you want to clean up your social media profile and get anything off that page that might cause some embarrassment on your end.

I want to add my own turnoff into this little study; going to dinner with someone who doesn't talk, and someone who can't stay off their phone.

Have any you want to add?