Firefighters get called to an emergency in the middle of their grocery shopping trip, they returned to a nice surprise!

This happened in Vacaville, California when firefighters were shopping at a local Costco for their Memorial Day cookout.

A medical emergency call came in, so they left their cart, jumped in their fire truck and headed to the scene.

After the emergency they returned to the store to find that someone had purchased their cart full of $123.25 worth of food. Nope, it wasn't someone being a jerk, it was someone paying it forward.

A note was placed with the receipt that read:

‘Thank you firefighters for all you do have a good day’

They don't know who the woman is, only that the note was signed by an Air Force wife.

Typically firefighters pay for their own meals while on duty, but they don't plan to keep the money they saved. They plan to pay it forward.