It's amazing what one act of kindness can do for a person's life.

Josh and Kyle are the creators of Give Back Films. Here's how they describe their YouTube channel:

Here at GiveBackFilms, we have been fortunate enough to be in a better position than a lot of people in the world. For that reason, we want to give back, and that is what our channel is all about! We put these videos on YouTube in hopes that some of you will be inspired to go out and do similar things! Pay it forward.

In the video they tip a struggling hotel maid $500, you can tell by her reaction that this act of kindness didn't go wasted.

It doesn't take $500, or even $20, or really any money at all to change someone's day. Just smiling and holding the door for someone might be the most positive experience they have all day, and it doesn't take a second out of your own day.

I can remember back in my mid 20s, when I moved to Boise. This was my first BIG move away from home. One night I was at the store after work to pick a few things up. I had a horrible day, feeling low, and very homesick. One woman walked by me and gave me the biggest smile, that's all it took. That one smile alone totally changed my attitude. And oh look! I get to share it with you! 2 for the price of 1!