Despite the city's best efforts, Google has passed on Grand Rapids being the test market for its new Google Fiber. They announced today that they will be launching the project in Kansas City, Kansas.

Google Fiber will provide a faster connection than most typical internet connections. Google hopes to begin building the network by the end of the year and that service should begin in the first quarter of 2012, with plans to roll out to all communities in Kansas City. Once the service is live pricing will be “competitive to what people are paying for Internet access today” though Google hasn’t yet named the plans.

Don't be too upset, though. In the video below announcing the news, Sergey Brin says, “That’s why we’re rolling out to communities, starting with Kansas City, that are going to give one gigabit of access to every home.” So it sounds like we’ll be hearing about more community launches in the future.

1,100 cities lobbied to have Google Fiber launched in their area, and Google visited many of them to determine which city would be the best for the launch.