Good news if you’ve got an old bike that’s either broken or you just don’t want anymore.  You can donate it to The Spoke Folks.  They’re looking for 1,000 bike donations by October, except they’re off to a slow start, only collecting about 10 bikes so far.

Have you heard of The Spoke Folks yet? I think they’ve got a really cool idea going on.  The Spoke folks are a non-profit co-op that collects donated bikes either in good working order or in parts.  They then fix up the bikes and sell them very affordably to people who want to start biking or could use the 2nd form of transportation.  Their idea is, they find their lives are better when they bike.  It also can open up more opportunities for people who rely on public transportation. They also help fix bikes and help people who have never biked learn to ride and love it!  After just being in town for a week, I can definitely see the benefits to having a bike.  But, being a co-op means they need the community to “cooperatively” help out.  That’s where you and the old bike come into play!

Spoke Folk founder Jay Niewiek told Fox17, they’re not picky, and are even looking for spare parts. And they get really excited with the older bikes, because of the solid frames, they’re easy to bring back to life. So if you think your bike is too old, it’s probably not!


If you’re ready to get rid of the old bike, take it by The Spoke Folks, located at 221 Logan St. SW in Grand Rapids.  They’re open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Check out their website for hours.