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Governor Snyder unveiled a $48.2 billion 2012-2013 budget this morning.

The budget includes a 1% increase to K-12 funding and a 3% increase for community colleges and universities.


Some of the money tied to the increase in education funding comes with conditions. reports:
Much of the additional money is set aside for schools that can seek "best practices" bonuses by offering dual enrollment or advanced placement courses, offering online or "blended" learning, and other practices. Another portion would be set aside for bonuses for school districts that can demonstrate academic achievement in math and reading for 3rd through 8th graders and in several subjects at the high school level.
Many are not happy with the conditions tied to the money and say that a 1% increase is not enough.


The 1% increase does not make up for the cuts of recent years, but considering the state of the economy, any increase should be welcome.