Sunset proposal in Grand Haven (Photo taken by Mark Stolle)

Living near Lake Michigan has its advantages like being able to cool down on a 90-degree day or walking along the beach to get some outdoor exercise and fresh air!

Another advantage involves the romantic side of life and this weekend was a prime example of how wonderful it is to live in such a beautiful part of the country!
On Saturday, friends of mine who own a cottage in Grand Haven, had me over for the day.  Thank goodness because I was about to burn-up in Grand Rapids!
Just before sunset, we noticed a series of four vases filled with red roses lining the sandy entrance to the association's shoreline ... was there a proposal on the horizon, we thought??
Why, yes, was the answer!  Moments later, a dude with a back pack came around the corner holding hands with his sweetheart who thought she was just going to play a game of frisbee.  The guy quickly tossed his 'props' aside as his gal pal held her face in her hands with excitement.
After she read the final message in the bud vase the guy got on bended knee and pulled something out of his pocket.  By now, you're probably asking why we were all watching this special, private moment -- to which I can only say that we determined it was our duty to pose as papparazzi to capture the tender moment on camera!  Are you buying it?
Anywho, the girl said 'yes' because the guy heard all of us heckling from afar, and held up his arm in victory followed by a hug and seriously long kiss!!
What a great day topped off with a proposal to remember ... for all who shared the same sunset in Grand Haven.
P.S.  If you know who this couple is ... please post your comments below!  I know that the fiance's brother is the one who set-up the vases and took pictures from the beach.  Any other scoop??