No need to wait until September 21 to experience ArtPrize.  The Grand Rapids Art Museum has already opened their ArtPrize exhibition.

GRAM has shown that they are a can't-miss venue.  Last year's winner came from GRAM.  Expect GRAM's reputation to bring long lines for anyone hoping to get a look at this year's collection of 32 artists during ArtPrize.  Visiting before ArtPrize's opening night will be a good way to beat the crowds.

Getting an early look at the exhibition will require paying GRAM's regular admission fee.  Once ArtPrize begins admission will be free.

It's impossible to visit every venue during ArtPrize.  Why not make more time to visit more venues during the competition by paying to get an early look at what will likely be one of the top venues?

Here's more about GRAM's hours and ArtPrize exhibition.