Good economic news for Grand Rapids.  The Brookings Institute has ranked the Grand Rapids metropolitan area's economic recovery among the top 20 in the country.

Brookings Institute report gathered data from the nation's 100 largest metro areas.  The report considers changes in employment, unemployment, production, and housing.

Grand Rapids also received good news about local housing prices.

The Brookings Institute ranks Grand Rapids in the top ten in housing price recovery when comparing current prices to the prices at their deepest drop.  However, total improvement of prices over the last 3 months of 2011 rank Grand Rapids 63rd out of 100.

The Brookings Institute report isn't the only recent report to give us some good economic news.  The Downtown Development Authority recently said that in 2011 Grand Rapids saw the biggest increase in number of stores in three years.

Economic numbers can be hard to judge, but it looks like Grand Rapids is doing well right now.

Read the full report from the Brookings Institute.