If you were walking by The Intersection downtown Saturday night you may have heard the sounds of 4 Non Blonds, Salt-N-Pepa, Bonnie Tyler and TLC pouring out of the venue, but with a slight twist...

All of these sounds were coming out of the lungs of actor/comedian Dan Finnerty and a crowd of 20/ 30 somethings jamming to the best 80s and 90s "girl songs," as Dan calls them.

You may have already experienced "The Dan Band" and not yet realized it. They've been featured in the movie "Old School," on "The Tonight Show," "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and in this feature on Bravo:

All in all, probably the most fun you will ever have at any concert!

If they come to town again, and you're looking to laugh to some music you know - get a ticket!