The experts at GasBuddy® have released their predictions for gas prices over the next twelve months in the United States. While it looks like prices will peak in the Spring, they aren't expected to jump much this year. Read their findings after the jump.

The folks at GasBuddy® are projecting that prices will fluctuate throughout the year, with the highest prices occurring in April, when the high is expected to be around $4.05 per gallon.

On the upside, the rest of the year, it seems that prices will vary anywhere from $3.18 to $3.94 per gallon. The cheapest prices we will see (at least based on the average) will be this month (January) and at the very end of the year (in December).

GasBuddy® does note that all of this can change at any time due to unforeseen global conflicts and changes, bad weather in the Gulf of Mexico, or refinery issues.

The forecast also takes diesel prices into account, and they tend to be higher than regular unleaded prices.