The state's first public/private recycling incentive project debuted today in Grand Rapids. The program, called is an innovative, web-based  program that allows City of Grand Rapids residents to earn points simply by using their city-issued single-stream recycling carts. It's a joint venture between the City of Grand Rapids and Local First, and representatives from both parties launched the initiative at a press conference this morning.

The purpose of this program is to encourage the city's residents to recycle instead of throwing away recyclable products. Points that are earned can be spent to support Local First businesses.

To participate, residents to to log on to and create a new account. There is no cost to participate.  Residents just need to know their address and single stream recycling cart number. They will then be registered to begin receiving points every time they take their cart to the curb on their designated recycling day. From their, residents simply need to check their account on the website to see how many points they've accumulated and what rewards they can redeem their points for.

Additional phases in the initiative will focus on earning points for volunteering in the community and for the City of Grand Rapids.

More information on this program can be found at