If you're in the business of "willfully annoying" people, you've been doing so in Grand Rapids illegally for the past 38 years.

Soon, however, that could change.

The Grand Rapids City Commission is looking to get rid of a 38-year-old section of city code that states “no person shall willfully annoy another person.”

City Attorney Catherine Mish is the one who suggested repealing the law, stating that the wording is “unconstitutional in terms of being vague” and “simply unenforceable.” A final decision is expected to be made on March 11.

Changing the law won't change everything, though. Related crimes like obstructing someone in a public place and assault will remain illegal.

Mish has been scouring city code to find archaic rules to try and phase them out.

Last year, rules that were looked into included one prohibiting people from riding horses on a sidewalk and on that allowed jail time for failing to return a library book.

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