Chris Tongen and Steve Crockett found treasure snuggled in a tree in Oak Hill Cemetery, ending a three month long hunt.

If you were like me and you wondered during your high school math classes, "when will this ever be needed in the real world?" Wonder no more. Math was a very important skill that two Grand Rapids men used to solve the Metro Area Treasure Hunt (or MATH for short).

Chris Tongen and Steve Crockett used Google maps to chart out the various clues they were given, and eventually found the winnings in a tree in a place they had passed by several times in their search. Oak Hill Cemetery was in the center of a triangle formed by the clues.

According to WZZM-13 News, more than 300 people registered online and participated in the treasure hunt, which began in September. At registration, people paid a fee of $19.99 which bought them all 16 clues they would need for the hunt.

"I'm almost disappointed now that it's over because I don't know what I'm going to do with myself," Tongen joked with WZZM.

The contest was started in July by Brian (no last name given), a local math teacher. On the MATH web site, the contest was described this way:

Metro Area Treasure Hunts (MATH) is a social thought experiment brought to life by a teacher and father of three from the Grand Rapids area. Going through a particularly challenging year with a minimal amount of time and stress outlets, the creator’s wife suggested a plan to help cure his lackluster attitude.

Knowing his love of puzzles, ciphers, and problem solving in general, she asked, “Why don’t you create a treasure hunt for our friends?”

In this case, using your brain and practicing perseverance could literally pay off! The creator sees MATH as a new outlet to cure anyone’s boredom. He hopes that you have as much fun participating in the hunt as he did creating it. Good luck!

Brian says a new puzzle will be up in 2017. "I was excited someone was able to find the $5000 (and) have fun doing it," he told FOX 17 News.

Tongen and Crockett say they will split the 5g's up evenly.