You may soon be paying more to park in downtown Grand Rapids.

A new parking budget proposal suggests increasing parking rates at many parking ramps and meters in downtown Grand Rapids.

Rates would go up 50 cents per hour at many meters and ramps.  Maximum and monthly rates would also increase. reports:

The on-street meter rate hike would affect 1,800 meters between Michigan and Wealthy streets, from the Grand River to College Avenue. Estimated new revenue: $108,000 per year, although the extra coinage might require an extra meter service worker – at a cost of $80,000 in annual wages and benefits – to empty the meters more frequently.

Alternatively, parking officials said the city could generate about the same amount by enforcing meter use through 6 p.m. Most meters currently are enforced until 5 p.m. weekdays.

Meter rates have not been changed since 1998

The proposed changes will be up for approval in May.  Current rates are set through June 30.

The parking meter changes proposed would likely not have a major effect on occasional visitors to downtown Grand Rapids, but for regular visitors the cost could add up fast.

If put into effect, how would the proposed parking increases effect the way you visit downtown Grand Rapids?