Have you seen the video floating around of the grandparents offering some marriage advice to their soon-to-be-married grandson?

The story is, grandma and grandpa would frequently iChat with him. When they couldn't make it to California for his wedding, he asked them to do an iChat with advice for a long and happy marriage.

Their advice is listed below the video, but you REALLY should watch for the full effect!

Grandma and Grandpa have been married for 72 years. Their names are Selma and Kenny. They're cute. And hilarious.

And they have a kiss after toasting the bride and groom. Selma begins laughing like a little girl and says "I haven't kissed him like that in 25 years!"

1. Be good to each other. Kenny agrees.

2. Make sure you have food in your 'Frigidaire' because you do not want to be hungry or starved. Kenny agrees.

3. Help each other in every way. Selma says that means financially and ... some other stuff she never got to say because Kenny jumped in.

4. Always keep a clean house! Selma says to be sure your laundry is done and your kitchen is clean ... and then Kenny says a few things that leads to some funny bickering.

4b. Travel! You must see as many places as you can to be together. But Selma says to watch your husband, because Kenny was flirting with a woman at the pool. They share a picture of Kenny with a topless woman at the beach (with a censor bar in the proper place).

5. Never argue! Selma says "just don't argue" and then they bicker about this point. Kenny says they always go to bed happy ... after their fights.

If you've read this far but haven't watched the video, WATCH IT! Trust me, reading the list alone doesn't do it justice.

Full story is here on YAHOO.COM.