The Grandville Police are currently searching for 51-year-old Mary Tornga after she disappeared in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Tornga, who lives in Grandville, disappeared around 1am on Sunday following an argument with her husband. Her husband has told authorities they were driving home from a birthday celebration in Grand Rapids and Tornga exited their vehicle near Market Street and I-196. She hasn't been seen since.

Police found a shoe belonging to Tornga in the area where she disappeared.

Monday, The Michigan State Police used a helicopter to search up and down the Grand River. Since then police have recovered one of her shoes in the area where she disappeared. Police tried to call and track her phone, but it appears to be turned off.

"Due to the fact that she was down here, middle of the night, with the water, river being a concern too," said Chief Dan Steer with the Grandville Police Department told WZZM-13. "No, we're not going to put any divers in, heavy current, lots of snags, very dangerous to put boat in. We wouldn't even know where to begin."

Authorities have said that her husband is cooperating and talking with them and is not considered a suspect.