The Grammys are tonight at 8pm on CBS!

Some say the Grammys are no longer relevant.  The Grammys are not cool.  The Grammys don't matter.  I say...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Who should win and who should be nominated makes for fun debate, but it's about a lot more than that. 

The presenters, winners, and performers always have something to say.  Sometimes it's important or political.  Sometimes it's vulgar.  It's almost always interesting.  

Tonight Eminem will perform and is up for ten Grammys.  Will he take this opportunity, while still riding the wave of the wildly popular Chrysler Super Bowl commercial, to further boost the morale and nationwide opinion of his beloved Detroit and Michigan as a whole?  I think he will.  I hope he will.  I will be watching to find out. 

But as much fun as award debate and artist opinions can be, it's really all about the performances.  Whether it's two artists you never would have dreamed would share a stage together, a new artist you've never heard of, or a legendary artist giving a legendary performance, the Grammys have provided a long list of unforgettable performances.

Who will be tonight's standouts?  It's hard to say.  A tribute to Aretha Franklin will include performances by Jennifer Hudson and Christina Aguilera.  That's some BIG voices paying tribute to a legendary voice.  Bob Dylan will be part of a tribute to acoustic music.  A perfect match.  Arcade Fire is an amazing band, but they are not very well known. A great performance tonight could launch them into the mainstream.

I can't wait to see what happens.

Until then...check out a few of my favorite Grammy performances.

1998 - Michael Jackson at the peak of his game.  Amazing. Have you EVER seen a better performance from ANYONE? I haven't.

1999 - From Ricky who? To RICKY MARTIN!!! This was a game-changer.

2001 - As Eminem was under fire for homophobic lyrics on his album he shocked many by teaming with Elton John. The unlikely combo worked and had everybody talking.