Jaguars are pretty cool. Both the animals and the cars. And if it weren't for the fierceness of the adult jaguar, I would totally want a baby one. Especially after watching this video.

Now, there is something inherently cute about a baby animal even if it's just standing there, not doing anything at all.

If a baby animal is playing with another baby animal? The cuteness factor goes way up.

If the baby animal is playing with some sort of toy (ball, stuffed animal, etc.), the cuteness factor increases yet again.

But, possibly the cutest baby animal video I have come across in a long time is this one right here. It has a trifecta of cuteness. First, it's a baby jaguar, so duh, already cute. Then you add in the fact that the baby jaguar is "nursing" on a person's finger (not trying to gnaw it off, not attacking it, just sucking on it like it's no big deal), and it gets extra cute. But then, the baby jaguar tops the cuteness scales! How is that possible you may ask? Well, because the baby jaguar, being the fierce jungle cat that it is, decides to "roar". Except, well, a baby jaguar's roar isn't exactly a roar. Check out what I mean in the video below.