If you're sick of creepers and d-bags getting all up in your business at the bars, there's a new way for you to tell them to get lost, and the host of "The Bachelor" will help you. Say what? See what I mean after the jump!

The good folks at "The Bachelor" have made a phone number that you can give guys to get them to leave you alone. And the best part? It's not your real number.

Now, a lot of us have given fake numbers to dudes in the past. Most of the time, in fact, I just kind of made one up, and hoped that they didn't call it right away. But, now there's a much better option.

Simply give the guys the number 212-HEARTBR (212-432-7827). When they call the number, expecting to hear you on the other end, they'll actually hear a recording from "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison saying,

Whoever gave you this number is trying to send you a message – and it's not a good one. They don't like you. No rose for you.

This may be one of the best things I've ever heard of. I mean, sure, it's kind of mean, but how else are you going to get those weird guys to leave you alone?

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