And we have the screen shots of what was said!

This week we've been talking a lot about online dating, so this just fits perfectly.

If you don't know, Tinder is a dating app. The idea is you swipe through potential matches on your phone, if you 'like' someone and they 'like' you back then the app opens up it's chat feature, from there it's up to you if you share phone numbers.

There's a guy names Joshua, not me, who was playing the online dating game, and one night he thought it would be a good idea to send a mass text to all 31 of the matches he shared numbers with.

The way Joshua saw it, it was easier than sending them each a separate message. He figured each woman would get the same text but there's no way they could see he sent that message to other women.


Our buddy Joshua sent it as a group text and ALL the women started ganging up on him.

We in the business call that an online dating fail.