flickr, Le Huquet

Last Spring, 28-year-old GVSU student Kendra Velzen filed suit against Grand Valley State University, stating that they were discriminating against her and her service animal - a guinea pig- by refusing to let her keep the animal in her on-campus housing. She, along with the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan claimed that the university was violating federal housing rules by denying her the right to keep Bianca the guinea pig. Turns out, that may have been the case, because the case has been settled. For $40,000.

Back in January, the two sides reached a settlement which requires GVSU to pay Velzen, the Fair Housing Center, and their attorneys.

Velzen will be paid part of the settlement, though the suit doesn't specify how that money will be divided.

Another term of the settlement is that if Velzen chooses to live on campus, and wants her guinea pig or another similar animal to live with her, the University must approve it.

Grand Valley also said that they would work with the Fair Housing Center to come up with a "Support Animal Accommodation Policy" within 90 days of the settlement.

Another part of the settlement is that the lawsuit will be dropped by both Velzen and the Fair Housing Center.