A Grand Valley State University Freshman, Gina Maniaci, got the price right on today's episode of "The Price Is Right"! Maniaci, who was in California visiting her sister, attended the show with her friend on a whim! She was called up to bidders' row, eventually got to play one of the games, and made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown.

In the showcase showdown, Gina's opponent had first dibs at a package that included a car, but passed it over to Gina.

Gina bid $31,000 and had to wait to learn if she had won until after her counterpart bid $18,000 on a prize package that included a trip to Monte Carlo, $3,000 cash and gambling tables.

The woman missed the retail value of the prizes by almost $12,000.

Drew Carey then turned to Maniaci's package, valued at $42,000, informing her that she had missed by about $11,000, a revelation that led the opponent to believe she had won.

The worst part? Gina had to keep the prizes a secret until after the show had aired! That would be a hard secret to keep!