Yup, that's right! Taylor Swift turns 21 today! Does she have any big crazy plans for this evening? Doesn't look like it, at least not according to most sources. She doesn't really strike me as a party girl.

In three tweets last night, she said "Snowflakes are flurrying down outside and it's my last day of being 20!" Swift wrote. "Tonight @caitlinbird and @elizabethhuett knocked on my door- they brought a pizza with a lit 21 candle on it and bday hats. :) ... Now I'm dancing around my room alone to @pink's greatest hits cd."

That doesn't sound like too crazy of a party to me.

Taylor has moved on from her days of dating teen heart-throb Taylor Lautner and is now rumored to have her eyes on a new prize: Jake Gyllenhaal.