Just wanted to re-share one of the greatest movie scenes ever!

Okay, maybe not the greatest, but it's a pretty good one for Independence Day, right?

So, while we're on the topics of movies, TV, 4th of July and such; I have an idea of what you should watch if you're feeling patriotic and if you don't feel like going out tonight.

You HAVE to watch 'Turn' on AMC. If you don't get AMC, no worries, for some reason they're not showing it this weekend anyway; they're in a 'Walking Dead' marathon.

The first season ended a few weeks ago and it's all up on Amazon Instant. So if you have Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV or anything like that you can watch it. It's all about the spies in the Revolutionary War. George Washington himself makes an appearance in the first season.

Check it out!

Oh and about the picture, this one...

It's all about free hugs for America! (Yes the shirt says 'Hugs,' not 'Drugs' as some people thought!)

Enjoy your long weekend!