Harry Styles is living the life lately! He’s got his new solo album out, he’s also trying out his acting chops in a movie called 'Dunkirk' with Tom Hardy, and now he’s trying his hand at talk show hosting.

Harry is hanging out on the Late Late Show with James Corden all week and last night, he tried hosting the show.

He started out with the monologue which just listening, sounded a lot like James Corden, and I was especially happy to hear a few dad jokes as he was talking about hackers stealing Disney’s “Pirate of the Caribbean film and wanting ransom for it.


He also did one of the show’s signature bits, “Side Effects May Include” which is a play on the warning labels drug companies use.  Harry’s bit was all about going solo, like he did after One Direction went on infinite hiatus.

My favorite side effect was “getting to take up the entire album cover with just a picture of you in a bubble bath…”