I'm noticing more and more spiders around my apartment since the weather started to warm up. I don't completely freak out if I see one, but I would rather they stay outside.

Here are some pretty awesome tips to get rid of them, and keep you away from dangerous chemicals.


  • 1

    Keep Your Place Clean

    This isn't too complicated, and it's common sense. Dust, vacuum, and be sure there's not a lot of clutter around.

    Getty Images/ David Oxberry
  • 2

    Mint Them Out

    Spiders hate peppermint. One of the easiest ways to keep them away is to fill a bottle with peppermint oil mixed with water, and spray it around your house. Also, keeps things smelling fresh!

    Getty Images/ Karin A photography
  • 3

    Get Some Vinegar

    White vinegar has been known to repel spiders. Though the smell isn't as pleasant as the mint, spray some around the house. This may also repel friends.

    Getty Images/ Magda Indigo
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    Spiders Hate Citrus

    Rub some citrus peels on areas where you've seen spiders or spider webs. Lemon scented furniture polish also keeps them away.

    Getty Images/ Roberty Daly
  • 5

    Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

    Okay, no open fire (unless you want to burn your house down to get rid of the spiders). Put chestnuts on your windowsills or along baseboards.

    Getty Images/ Alexey Kopytko