It seems like we read about some sort of new fad to help out with colicky babies every six months or so. Some of them work for some people and some of them don't, but each claims to be "THE BEST REMEDY" for colic.

Today, that magic cure is BABY FART AEROBICS.

Now obviously the best part of Baby Fart Aerobics is the fact that it's called Baby Fart Aerobics. What's the second best part? Well, second best part of Baby Fart Aerobics is the theme song, in which pan-flutes play over some sort of calypso music while cartoon babies fly around and punctuate the tune with butt music.

Now, I can't speak to how effective Baby Fart Aerobics actually are when it comes to actually aerobicizing baby farts (or whatever they're supposed to do). But, I do laugh for like thirty seconds every time I read the name so that has to count for something.