Good ol' John Haw Cross. Sr. is a 90 year-old man from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, who may be spending the rest of what days he has left in prison. He decided to kill his wife of 62 years by stabbing her with a knife repeatedly. Why he decided to do it after 62 years, who knows? But he is being charged with murder now, and that's the least of his worries.

Mr. John Haw has been placed in a secure psychiatric facility in Savannah because after he killed his wife, 84-year-old Page Arrington Cross, he then stabbed himself and shot himself in the head. The couple was discovered by their housekeeper who immediately called for help.

"Our main concern is that he remains in a locked-down facility and that he continues to receive the psychiatric treatment he needs," is what the Solicitor, Duffie Stone, told the judge. Savannah Now reports that Judge Carmen Mullen issued a ruling stating that Cross must remain at the facility and can only be allowed to leave for medical appointments.